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Link The huge haul illustrates the extent of the methamphetamine problem. Two years ago, in a desperate state, James went to a state-funded withdrawal unit in the northern suburbs, looking for help. But, he says, the workers turned him away. His problem was not yet bad enough, they said. Weeks later, he attempted to take his own life. When you’re denied access [to help], what chance have you got?

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Streetcar preservation[ edit ] Museums, heritage tram line operators, and amateur enthusiasts can preserve original vintage vehicles or create replicas of historic vehicles to re-create or preserve streetcar technology of the past. Heritage vehicles that are kept fully functional can be used on heritage tramlines or for charter traffic. Heritage tramlines[ edit ] Heritage tram lines that offer scheduled service on a certain route and showcase historic aspects of streetcar systems are usually operated by heritage vehicles.

Rail transport in Victoria, Australia, is provided by a number of railway operators who operate over the government-owned railway lines. The network consists of Victorian broad gauge (1, mm (5 ft 3 in)) lines, and an increasing number of standard gauge (1, mm (4 ft 8 1 ⁄ 2 in)) freight and interstate lines; the latter brought into existence as a result of gauge conversion of the former.

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Meet celebrity designer Paul Bangay who takes us through his own spectacular rural garden called Stonefields. Tour the magnificent gardens at Cruden Farm with Michael Morrison who worked tirelessly with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch for more than four decades. Michael is co-author of the recently published Cruden Farm Garden Diaries. Examine the exquisite plantings and considered design when plantsman Jeremy Francis takes us on a tour of has garden gem called Cloudehill. Admire wide herbaceous borders with colourful flowers and swaying grass gardens with the designer of Frogmore.

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A minute stroll up Elizabeth Street from the city center takes visitors to the restaurant strip of North Hobart. Foodies can travel around the world with their taste buds: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Turkish, and Thai are just some of the cuisines on offer. The area exudes a slightly quirky, Bohemian vibe. A top attraction in the area is Runnymede, an elegant two-story mansion of the mid th century set in a beautiful garden overlooking New Town Bay. It was originally built around for a lawyer named Robert Pitcairn who campaigned for an end to the transportation of convicts.

St David’s Cathedral is an oasis of peace and beauty amid the city hubbub. A fine example of neo-Gothic style, the cathedral was begun in and consecrated in

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A list of the Sunderland built vessels referenced in these pages is at the top of page A list of the Sunderland shipbuilders referenced in these pages is a little lower on page Do you want to make a comment? A site guestbook is here. Austin , page bottom have had to disable it, a beautiful Lake Applet featuring a frog, since it makes access to the whole page impossible.

Not sure why Internet Explorer cannot identify the applet as being harmless Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome.

1 Iö / tons: A snow-rigged vessel. Per 1 (data), 2 (‘snow’ re rigging). A 2 masted sailing ship carrying square sails & a trysail on a small jackmast. Built by Peter Austin for Hunter & Co. (Thomas Hunter) of Monkwearmouth.

You can also search www. Ryland, and Yamaguchi Ryoshu. Odilon Redon Bordeaux, – Paris, During the second half of the nineteenth century France was home to three of the most misunderstood geniuses in the history of art; the painter, Van Gogh, the etcher, Charles Meryon, and the lithographer, Odilon Redon. Each suffered from either ridicule or anonymity during most of their careers, only to be discovered by the following generations as masters of the moderns.

Fortunately for Redon his discovery came while he was still alive. In , when he was seventy-three, the famous Armory Show in New York presented modern French art to an astounded America. Works by Redon were sold in a higher percentage than those by any other exhibitor. The intensely personal art of Redon had at last been grasped with at least a partial understanding. At seventeen, Redon was sent to Paris to prepare for a career as an architect. For a young man whose interests centered upon art, music, literature, science and nature this field of study held little fascination.

He thus enrolled in the painting classes of Jean-Leon Gerome in

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Ads are being placed all the time, so remember to pop by every now and then to see whats new. If you’re looking to buy or sell bits and pieces for your Ford car, it might also be worth doing a search on eBay, see below for a sample of what’s on there today. On this page are all the adverts placed for classic Fords, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual Ford model pages. To view any of these ads in full, or place your own Ford advert, simply visit the specific model page that interests you.

Teaching your kids to grow their own food is a fun way to educate them about healthy eating and to introduce them to the wonders of nature. Building a veggie patch, planting a fruit tree or cultivating a herb garden are all easy ways for kids to grow edible crops that the whole family can enjoy.

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Commonwealth Games: Chalmers doubles up on gold as McKeon leads swimming medal surge

February 18, IBM released the ThinkPad series back in as a mid-range laptop to use essentially as a desktop replacement. From what I can tell, these normally were preloaded with Windows 95, though drivers are available for Windows 3. Anything prior to Windows and these machines are quite snappy.

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To be added Canton 4 Canton 4 of was the last ship to enter service before the outbreak of the Second World War. Canton 4 was launched on April 14th , a twin screw vessel with a service speed of 18 knots. She had accommodation for passengers in first class and passengers in tourist class plus ample cargo space. Above the bridge, on the monkey island, was fitted a rangefinder and a primitive gun control system. The ship could fire a broadside of four guns.

Her armament was completed by two single barrel three-inch high angel guns mounted on A deck abaft the single funnel. Canton 4 was manned by a largely RNR crew. The only regular RN officers being the commanding officer and the commander. All the crew had cabins.

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Damian Dignan, who lived in Ballarat in the state of Victoria, died after a long illness, less than two years after publicly alleging he was assaulted by Pell. In an explosive television interview, Mr Dignan and another alleged victim accused Pell of touching his genitals at a swimming pool in Ballarat. Following the interview, police confirmed they were investigating Pell, who was then one of the most powerful figures in the Vatican. Pell, 76, was charged last June with multiple historic sex offences and is due to face a committal hearing in March.

Experts said the death of Mr Dignan could affect the criminal case against Pell and may require prosecutors to rethink their approach. Police would not comment on whether the case would be affected.

Art of the Print Main Artist index R. Our gallery offers a wide selection of international fine art. We sell original etchings, lithographs, paintings, watercolors, drawings and other mediums of original graphic art dating from the Renaissance period to contemporary art. Full documentation is .

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