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Sep 20, Flights were landing on and taking off from a secondary and shorter runway, leading to huge delays, diversions, go-arounds and cancellations since Tuesday night, officials said. The IMD said Mumbai suburbs recorded a whopping mm rainfall till Wednesday morning, making it the second highest downpour on a single day since the great Mumbai floods when the city experienced mm rains. Here are the highlights: Flight update An airport official told HT that the Spicejet aircraft has been moved out of the runway. A SpiceJet aircraft had skidded off the runway and got stuck in mud, leading to the closure of the main runway at the airport. Weather update Disaster Management Unit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai says IMD has forecast intermittent rain and thunderstorms are likely to occur in the city and its suburbs. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely at one or two places. Traffic update Mumbai Police reports water logging in both directions at Hindmata and asks commuters to use route diversion at Naigaon cross road.

The elusive Saraswati River: What the long search has found

Last month, local authorities ordered 33, – about half of all taxis – in Beijing to install Beidou, and the Chinese government has set a goal that all new cars will be Beidou-guided by Domestic phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus are now Beidou-compatible, although Apple did not add the Chinese system to its new line-up of iPhones announced on 12 September.

China is increasingly keen to promote its technological prowess to the rest of the world. China GPS rival Beidou starts offering navigation data Yang Changfeng, the system’s chief designer, has been vocal about his country’s ambition to attract more overseas clients.

 · The Amazon S3 One Zone-IA storage class stores data in a single AZ, and is ideal for customers who want a lower cost option for infrequently accessed data and do not require the availability and resilience of S3 Standard ://

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a large role in mood, learning, appetite control, and sleep. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs such as Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, and Lexapro are used by millions to relieve symptoms of depression by increasing brain levels of serotonin. Some research shows they work no better than a placebo 2. Several other brain-related disorders besides depression are related to low serotonin, including autism, ADHD , bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, and schizophrenia 3.

Many people with depression or other serotonin deficiency symptoms and conditions are searching for better ways to increase serotonin levels naturally without the use of drugs. If this is your situation, here are some serotonin supplements proven to help increase serotonin levels naturally. Sometimes there are vital synergistic relationships between these various serotonin boosting substances. There are several co-factors required to make the most commonly used serotonin supplements do their job.

Conversely, there are times when these supplements can react adversely with medications or other serotonin supplements, and you need to know about those, too. Note that it is not considered safe to mix any of these amino acid supplements with antidepressant medications 4. Do so only if you are working with a knowledgeable health care professional. Serotonin syndrome should be taken very seriously. Symptoms range from mild to fatal.

Warren Buffett’s Top 3 Stocks of 2017 Will Surprise You

A statement from the company at 1pm today said: We are making progress but unable to provide specific details at this time. Once again, we’re really sorry for the disruption.

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Next Reality It seems fitting that Time magazine’s first augmented reality cover is an issue guest edited by Bill Gates, since the company he founded is currently leading the AR charge via the HoloLens. There’s also a certain irony that the AR experience, which includes narration from Gates, is enabled through devices introduced by Steve Jobs, considering the famous feud between the tech titans when they helmed Microsoft and Apple, respectively.

The app is also available on Android , which happens to be Gates’ preferred mobile platform. The Rock Pops Out of EW Cover with Augmented Reality Dubbed the “Optimist” issue, the magazine contains an AR feature narrated by Gates that tells the story of an Ethiopian child, who Gates met in and holds up as an example of decreased child mortality rates worldwide. The issue also includes an article and accompanying AR content from fellow humanitarian Bono, whose band, U2, has enjoyed a cozy relationship with Apple.

Other periodicals, such as GQ and the Washington Post , have also adopted the technology.

Identity Theft and Phishing Schemes

By Karandeep Singh April 20, , 9: Two Nokia -branded smartphones believed to be part of the upcoming Nokia X lineup have been certified by Chinese agency 3C, suggesting they’re on course to be launched in the Far Eastern country. The Chinese arm of HMD Global filed for the certifications, with the local regulator issuing them several days back.

Not much information could be extracted from the provided screenshot of the listing except for their included battery chargers.

A deep dive into technology’s role in saving one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Turned On From Realdoll sexbots to connected toys, CNET explores the intersection of sex and technology.

Although we won’t see a perfect alignment in the UK, we will be able to see a partial eclipse where the Moon covers only a part of the Sun. If you want to try and get a picture of this or future eclipses, here are some tips to get the best results. But if, like many people, you plan to grab a picture of the eclipse using your smartphone there are some simple ways to improve the results. When observing the eclipse always wear protective glasses Credit: Reuters Choose your smartphone camera We don’t suggest you buy a new smartphone just to photograph the eclipse, but some models will be particularly suited to taking a great picture of the eclipse.

Apple’s iPhone 7 has one of the best smartphone cameras out this year, while the Google Pixel was marketed as having one of the best smartphone cameras available on Android. The cameras on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Credit: You will be able to photograph it in the UK, but make sure to always wear protective glasses as the Sun’s light will never totally be covered by the Moon. Turn off flash and autofocus:

Egypt Unveils Ancient Tomb and Sarcophagi in Luxor

Lau explained that “we will never be different just for the sake of being different. Everything done has to improve the actual user experience in day-to-day use. The invite system, and its discontinuation[ edit ] Early phones were only available through a system whereby customers had to sign up for an invite to purchase the phone at irregular intervals. The system was claimed to be necessary for the young company to manage huge demand.

OnePlus touted the event as the world’s first VR shopping experience.

 · One Plus One. Jojo Moyes (Pamela Dorman Books, $) Plan your life. Jojo Moyes will appear at 7 p.m. Thursday at the University Park Public Library, Plaza at

No major corporation is immune to these attacks-including the credit reporting agencies themselves. Learn what your score means. Remember, these are only SOME of the incidents you may have heard about; each one is a good example of why it pays to continuously monitor your credit. As many as 40 thousand accounts were affected between November and January Significant Hacks in More than million were affected by the Equifax data breach that included Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and driver’s license information.

Some reports add that credit card data for more than thousand consumers were exposed or stolen. This hack of a marketing firm included the compromise of a database with information on or from million individuals or households. One published report states Cloudflare has approximately six million customer websites including big names such as Fitbit and dating sites such as OKCupid.

The leaks or compromises themselves were thought to be limited, but the nature of the data in those leaks were potentially quite sensitive. To complicate things, some of the leaked data may have been archived by search engines making it readily accessible via Google or Bing. Significant Hacks in Dyn is a company that provides web services for enterprise-level companies including Twitter, Spotify, Github, etc.

Indonesia blocks Tumblr platform over inappropriate content

One of the biggest stories being passed around at the Cannes Lions advertising festival this year was that of a young couple who decided to get it on right on the red carpet outside the main conference and were photographed by an editor from Adweek for all the world to see. But it turns out they weren’t the only ones getting amorous at Adland’s annual jaunt this year.

Data provided to Business Insider from mobile agency Joule’s audience platform Quarc which the company was showing off at its Cabana at Cannes found 8. That’s almost one in ten people! Of course, some of those may be residents or tourists to the Cannes area itself, but with around 12, people from the advertising industry flocking to the festival, it’s very likely that lots of ad execs were hoping to get lucky on their work trip.

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Bloomberg cited 17 unidentified sources from intelligence agencies and business to support claims that Chinese spies had placed computer chips inside equipment used by about 30 companies and multiple U. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to a written request for comment. Beijing has previously denied allegations of orchestrating cyber attacks against Western companies.

Security experts who have worked for government agencies and large corporations told Reuters that they were surprised by the stark discrepancy between the claims in the Bloomberg article and the strongly worded denials from Apple and Amazon. Some said that certain allegations were plausible, but that the strong denials from companies cited in the piece left them with doubts about whether the attacks had happened. Bloomberg defended its reporting.

San Jose, California-based Super Micro strongly denied that it sold servers to customers contained malicious microchips in the motherboards of those systems.

Nitro perform their 2nd single “One plus one”