Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills (Historical Kindness)

Seeing Stars As you may have already guessed I buy a lot of vintage and antique quilt tops and blocks from eBay. One of the things about eBay buying is that sometimes you just have to take a gamble. I just got a lot of 20 star blocks and this is what the seller had for the description. It looks like these were once either hand sewn together or maybe removed from an existing quilt. They are beautiful and would make an outstanding quilt!! Anyway to me this is the kind of thing I think of as feedsack. I should do a post about this top some day what a job it was to re-make! Hope they are good…well I think they are great!!

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The realization that indigestible seeds could be ground into nourishing dust steered the history and fate of man in a new direction. Without the invention of the grinding stone there would be no bread or buns, no pasta or pizza, no cakes or couscous. Probably there would be fewer people on our planet. Certainly there would be no civilization as we know it.

Feedsacks, vintage and antique cotton fabric, rayons, upholstery and drapery fabric, and finished items including antique quilts and quilt tops and patches, vintage kitchen towels and vintage tablecloths, linens, vintage aprons, and much more.

They seem to have been around since the early s and continue to be produced today. A kit could have been offered in a few different ways, each with the purpose of making a quilt the easy way. Quilting lines were also stamped on these wholecloth kits, so you would know exactly how to quilt it. Other quilt kits that were stamped, were for embroidery. I have come across many like this from Paragon and Bucilla, and there were other manufacturers.

These were usually children’s designs, but I have also seen embroidered flowers, peacocks, and a Sunbonnet Lady. The third kind of kit you would find, were for pieced quilts. Small boxes contained fabrics in hexagon, squares, and diamonds that were die cut, and extremely accurate. Most of the time, the quilt kits used solid fabrics, but there were feedsack print kits available, too. Most of the diamond shapes were solid, to create the Lone Star quilt.

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Follett, Burgess, Broadfoot and Rockwell. Masonic Lodge , F. The first officers appointed pro tern were: Officers elected in December, , were: John and Job Wills. Otis Coy from Phoebus Lodge, being duly authorized, installed the officers. The next few years saw new members being initiated and problems of a new organization being solved. An interesting notation made November, , was that W. Adams was authorized to furnish fluid, fill and trim lamps, make the fires and keep the hall in order and to present his bill.

In July, , a committee reported a resolution that Brother S. All Masons wore their aprons and gloves. From and through the early nineteen hundreds saw the membership rapidly increase. With the cooperation of the lady Eastern Stars, many social and money making ventures were sponsored. The store, built in is now owned hy Agway.

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Feedsack Fabric I love where I live. It’s really beautiful here, just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are about 15 miles from the closest big town, Waynesboro, and about 30 miles from Charlottesville.

The thick Blue, Tan, Red, and Black stripe fabric have 5 stripes sets and they have 10″ between each set. The thin White, Blue and Red striped fabric has three stripe sets and ” between each set. Customer Feedback: I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful feedsack fabric, it was perfect and I am very happy with the quality.

Kindness Blog Historical Kindness , Kindness comments In times gone by, amidst widespread poverty, the Flour Mills realized that some women were using sacks to make clothes for their children. In response, the Flour Mills started using flowered fabric… With the introduction of this new cloth into the home, thrifty women everywhere began to reuse the cloth for a variety of home uses — dish towels, diapers, and more. The bags began to become very popular for clothing items.

As the recycling trend looked like it was going to stay, the manufacturers began to print their cloth bags — or feedsacks — in an ever wider variety of patterns and colors. By the time WWII dominated the lives of Americans, and cloth for fabric was in short supply due to its use in the construction of uniforms, it was estimated that over three and a half million women and children were wearing garments created from feedsacks.

Images like these help to remind us that large swaths of the country were once so poor that making clothes for children, out of flour sacks, was simply a part of life in those times. The manufacturers even gave instructions for how to remove the ink… Families shown below with their children wearing the Feed Sack dresses. People back then certainly knew how to try to use and reuse everything they had and not be wasteful.

In the s, though, cheaper paper sacks became available, and thus the gradual decline for these bright, beautiful and functional fabrics began. There was even a television advertising campaign intended to prick the conscience of the American housewife, but it failed to generate a significant upsurge in sales.

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Deeply engaged in a bloody Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln did not hesitate when Congress presented him with legislation that could energize a weary nation. When he signed the Homestead Act of , President Lincoln sent a clear message that he believed the Union could and would endure, and that it would prosper. As a result, million acres of land, owned by the Federal Government, in 30 states, was offered for homesteading, thus creating the Westward Movement, one of the largest migrations of people in our nation’s history.

The pioneers spent months, sometimes up to a year – preparing for their trip West. Men saw to the wagons, animals, weapons, farm equipment and tools. The women salted meats and dried fruits and sweet corn, purchased coffee and beans and barrels of sugar and flour.

The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort This re-issued and updated book is a celebration of the quilt which features more than full-color photographs and a text that shows readers how to examine fabrics, dyes, patterns, and other clues .

This was not an ideal method of storage as tin would rust and the hand made boxes and barrels leaked and were damaged easily. They were bulky, heavy and difficult to transport. This changed in with the invention of the “stitching machine,” which made it possible to sew double locking seams strong enough to hold the contents of a bag. Feedbacks were initially made of heavy canvas, and were used to obtain flour, sugar, meal, grain, salt and feed from the mills. They were reusable, with the farmer bringing an empty sack stamped with his mark or brand to the mill to be filled.

This changed when the North East mills began weaving inexpensive cotton fabric in the late ‘s. Feedsacks or feedbags were initially printed on plain white cloth and in sizes that corresponded to barrel sizes. For example, a one barrel bag held pounds of flour. The brand name of the flour was simply printed on the side of the bag.

The thrifty farm wife quickly discovered that this cotton bag was a great source of utilitarian fabric to be used for dish cloths, diapers, nightgowns and other household uses.

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Sharon lives in southeastern Pennsylvania and has been collecting and selling feedsacks for more than 11 years. How did you get started collecting and selling feedsacks? The feedsack business resulted from a number of coincidences. First, my husband and I have been into antiques for years, both separately and together. When we got together, he had a used bookstore and I operated a stand selling general antiques at a local antique market.

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Many jazz bands were lead by a band leader: Bluegrass and Country Music: Very popular during this era, though only in the USA. Delta Blues music was very prominent in the USA, with Robert Johnson as the most iconic example, but would only get extraordinarily popular in the s. Just like the s jazz was still enormously popular worldwide.

It got a bigger explosion when swing came around to cut the rug. Many of Hollywood’s films tended to be musical and upbeat, because it wasn’t called “The Great Depression” for nothing, people needed to be cheered up. Because of this, the motion picture industry was one of a small few disposal income industries that not only survived but thrived in the Great Depression.

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