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Large in size, with very tart, creamy yellow flesh that makes highly flavored pies and sauce. Also good for cider. First-picked fruits are mostly green riper fruit appears yellow to orange with uneven reddish stripes. Fully ripened fruit is firm, juicy, less tart and suited to fresh use. Midseason harvest, about with Golden Delicious. Spreading tree is heavy-bearing and disease-resistant.

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The species are mostly tropical, some are mid-latitude, deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs, with some lianas, with aromatic bark, leaves, and flowers. Pith septate fine tangential bands [5] divided by partitions to diaphragmed divided by thin partitions with openings in them. The flowers are usually trimerous ; borne singly or in compound inflorescences ; bisexual and rarely unisexual. The receptacle might become enlarged, elevated or flat.

There is also evidence dating back to the Iron Age that apples were eaten and preserved in prehistoric lake dwellings in Switzerland. Earliest writings by inhabitants from China and Egypt mention that man was budding and grafting fruit trees as early as the first century.

Artichokes Food historians confirm artichokes descended from their wild cousins cardoons. While the wild variety was consumed in ancient times, modern artichokes, as we know them today, first surface during the Medieval ages. These “Old World” vegetables were introduced to America by European settlers. Jerusalem artichokes , a “New World” food related to sunflowers, are a completely unrelated vegetable.

Chinese artichokes aka Japanese artichokes are completely unrelated. What are artichokes and how long have we been eating them? This is fortunate, because there is confusion enough created by the numerous varities of the globe artichoke grown around the world. The artichoke appears to have originated in North Africa where it still exists in a wild state.

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By Mikey Campbell Tuesday, October 09, , Filed with the U. District Court for the Northern District of California, the suit names plaintiffs Yanbin Yu and Zhongxuan Zhang, who allege Apple’s dual-camera solution is in infringement of a noted invention the pair developed in The patent, granted in , describes techniques for capturing multiple images with multiple camera lens and sensor arrays.

Throughout the United States and in Europe, ciders are the alcoholic beverage world’s secret you may not be as familiar with as you think. As complex as wine and as drinkable as beer, ciders.

Does it really make a difference where one prays? Isn’t praying to a dead rabbi for salvation practically idolatry? The Aish Rabbi Replies: The notion of praying at the graves of the righteous is well-established. Elsewhere the Talmud mentions a custom to visit a cemetery during times of calamity, such as a drought. It has likewise been a Jewish custom all throughout the ages to consider the graves of the righteous kivrei tzaddikim places of pilgrimage, and to visit there and recite Psalms and prayers.

As you point out, though, this must be understood correctly. Praying to a deceased person rather than God is idolatry. He cannot help you, no matter how great he was in his lifetime. What he might be able to do is intercede in heaven on your behalf. Thus, when a person prays at a grave, he should either have in mind that the righteous person tzaddik help bring his prayers to God, or even better, he should pray directly to God that He help him in the merit of the tzaddik buried here Mishna Berurah That being said, it may well be more effective to openly and sincerely pray to God for your needs yourself, rather than asking some great rabbi to do it for you.

Eating apples and tomatoes daily may help repair lung damage in ex-smokers, finds study

The thick, tough skin is a bright cherry red color with some russetting, while inside, the yellow flesh is particularly crispy with a fine-grained juiciness. Mirroring the aromatic nature of the apple, the taste is reminiscent of Red Delicious, with an added tartness. The tree tends not to be a prolific bearer. Current Facts Jonalicious apples are an American variety of Malus domestica dating from the s.

However, others dispute this parentage.

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Cider mill and Cider press Apples grown for consumption are suitable for cider making, though some regional cider-makers prefer to use a mix of eating and cider apples as in Kent , England , or exclusively cider apples as in the West Country , England. There are many hundreds of varieties of cultivars developed specifically for cider making. Few traditional horse-drawn circular cider presses are still in use, but many may still be seen used as garden ornaments, flower planters, or architectural features Once the apples are gathered from trees in orchards they are scratted ground down into what is called pomace or pommage.

Historically this was done using pressing stones with circular troughs, or by a cider mill. Cider mills were traditionally driven by the hand, water-mill, or horse-power. In modern times, they are likely to be powered by electricity. The pulp is then transferred to the cider press and built up in layers known as cheeses into a block. Traditionally the method for squeezing the juice from the apples involves placing sweet straw or haircloths between the layers of pomace.

This will alternate with slatted ash-wood racks until there is a pile of ten or twelve layers.

Eating apples and tomatoes daily may help repair lung damage in ex-smokers, finds study

Friday 22 December The study revealed that adults who ate two tomatoes and more than three portions of apples a day showed a slower decline in lung function than those who ate less than one of each. However, the reparative effects only stem from fresh varieties, meaning canned or processed alternatives do not work. People find smokers less attractive, study finds The study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , assessed the diet and lung function of more than adults in , and then repeated the same tests on the same group of participants 10 years later.

The participants, who were from Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom, also completed questionnaires about their diet and overall nutritional intake, as well as undergoing spirometry — a procedure that measures the capacity of lungs to take in oxygen. Factors such as age, height, sex, body mass index, socio-economic status, physical activity, and total energy intake were also taken into consideration.

A new report from The Information says that Apple’s upcoming TV service that is in the works to showcase its original TV shows will be available in more than countries next year. The service will launch in the United States in the first half of , with a global expansion to follow later in th.

Sarah Stone 2 comments Gloria N. Why is the stereotype to give apples to teachers? Widespread publicly funded, mandatory education has only been around since about the 19th century. Before then, the responsibility of providing schooling to children fell primarily on their families. Upper- and middle-class families tended to hire tutors or send their children to a private school run by a schoolmaster.

They often learned this at home, through apprenticeships, or at church-funded schools. In addition, some poor families scraped together enough money to pay for their children to receive an education. Some even worked out a barter arrangement with teachers where they paid with surplus produce from the family farm. For instance, poor students from farming families in Denmark and Sweden often brought baskets of potatoes or apples to school as payment, among other staples the potato being used for food, and the apple generally used for making drinks at the time.


By Susan Weber The Apples to Apples board game instructions are very easy to understand for everyone age 12 and older. Four to ten players can play at a time, so this is a terrific family and childrens board game. It is also a great party game and a fun, educational board game to play in the classroom. A red apple card deck of cards – Each card is printed with a noun or noun phrase such as the name of a person, place, thing or event.

A green apple card deck of cards – Each card is printed with an adjective which is the characteristic of a person, place, thing or event.

Jul 30,  · Snakes & Apples is a free thinking game for everyone, where the goal is to guide the snake to eat all the apples in their correct order. But don’t be deceived by this seemingly easy mission! While eating the apples, the snake must also slither through every open space on the board/5(K).

The plant nursery has closed for retirement. Bill Ford is available for consultation and presentations. Call Please feel free to use the following pages for reference. We thank you for your pratronage through the last 26 years. Anna A great low chill apple from Israel for our customer in Zones Anna has excellent quality with just enough tartness for fresh eating as well as cooking.

A large red blushed apple that is a spur type so it will bear earlier in age and heavily. Adams Red Crisp, juicy, very white flesh that is more coarser than fine. Beautiful glossy red with deep purplish streaks. It’s characteristic conical shape tapers down to prominent bumps or chins at it’s base. This is the apple the witch gave to Snow White.

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